welcome from Shannon Rice-Muruli - the Pink Slip CEO

I am Shannon Muruli and I am on a mission to help
you and other creative women go from being full of fear to being full of courage. I’m on this mission because I was once you...

A CREATIVE woman, who desires to write, speak, invent, create, develop or unleash your unique gifts...
yet you are afraid to completely expose and express yourself.

You have a transformational product or service but you’re afraid to market it.

You have a powerful message but you’re afraid to take the stage.

You know you deserve what you desire but you’re afraid to ask for it.

You are a talented artist but you’re afraid to showcase your art.

You have a brilliant business idea but you are afraid to launch it.

You have a song in your heart but you’re afraid to step up to the microphone.

Or maybe...just maybe

You desire to speak up more, ask for a raise, tell your story, charge what you’re worth,
ask for the sale, network with confidence or boldly live your life with no regrets.

You can see yourself owning your power and being totally detached from your fears...
in your mind’s eye but something...is holding you back.

There’s a part of you that keeps you captive, tells you that you can’t, talks you out of taking bold steps...
and that part of you is running the show.

Well, you know what I say?

You’re the CEO of your life.

Use your God-given power and

FIRE HER! Your Inner CFO {Chief Fear Officer}

Donteacia SeymoreI did it, I did it! I didn’t hold back my words like I typically would. I spoke up in a meeting that opened me and my business up to several amazing opportunities. I decided to put what I learned during the challenge into action. I stopped allowing that fearful part of myself to hold me back and run my life. Thank you, Thank you Shannon for helping me FIRE HER!

~Donteacia Seymore, The Seymore Group