Shannon’s Story


i-can-and-i-will-doitafraid-imageYou think that no one can possibly understand how you feel right now.

I know your fear of showing up, speaking up, standing out and living out your dreams is scary and it feels very real.

I also know deep down inside… you feel like your dreams are dying, you’ve missed your calling, opportunities have

slipped through your fingers and your gifts and greatness are hidden.

You want to be, do and have EVERYTHING you dream of … but because you’re afraid, you feel paralyzed.


I get it. That was ME not too long ago.

I use to be the Queen of Self-Sabotage.

I believed I wasn’t talented enough, smart enough, or courageous enough.

I didn’t believe I could market or sell my creative genius. I didn’t believe I had the right training to be successful. I

didn’t believe my gifts were meaningful and I was afraid to be seen, criticized and afraid to fail.

In 2010, after becoming very sick and essentially stuck in the house for four months, I experienced a sobering and

necessary wakeup call!

For the first time, I had to take a deep look within and get REAL with myself. I began to ask myself questions about

why my success was short lived. I asked myself why I could only get to a certain level of success. I asked myself

why was I standing in my own way.

And then, the painful truth hit me like a ton of bricks… I realized that the voice of FEAR was answering my ALL of

my questions. I realized that my fears were in charge and running the show.

* Fear was silencing my voice.

* Fear convinced me that I wasn’t smart or capable of being wildly successful.

* Fear was minimizing my greatness.

* Fear was telling me to settle for just enough.

* Fear was encouraging me to doubt my dreams.

* Fear was talking me out of my destiny.

And guess what… I was allowing it to.

I was so full of fear. Fear of speaking. Fear of having all eyes on me. Fear of rejection. Fear of success. Fear of not

being good enough. Fear of dying. Fear of vulnerability.

YET at that time, FEAR was not the word I used to describe my situation. I just thought something was terribly wrong with me.

I remember being in the depths of depression.

I found myself driving around the city of Dallas at odd hours of the night thinking two things:

Why don’t I have the guts to be who I really am and will people write these words about

me when I die “creative woman with no courage?”

I remember pushing people away because I was so wrapped up in my failures and fears. I could literally feel my creativity suffocating.

People who I went to high school and college with, and those who I’ve met over the years, expected me to “have it all together.”

They were waiting for the praise reports, the awards and accolades. I was too. The weight of their expectations and my personal expectations – broke me down mentally.

I felt like a fraud! I almost gave up; but, my mustard seed of FAITH and VISION pulled me through…

Flash forward… while sitting in a seminar a few years ago, all that fear inside of me bubbled up and turned into anger.

Out of the blue, I became angry! I was pissed that I allowed fear to sabotage my life and dreams for as long as it had.

That was it! – I said, “Enough is enough, I’m not taking orders from my fears anymore!” – IT’S TIME TO #DOITAFRAID


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I walked out of that seminar that day, committed to purging my personal fears.


I told my fears…


No more calling the shots.

No more holding me back.

No more keeping me small.

No more delaying my dreams.

No more minimizing my GREATNESS!

I was done. I had to take my power back from FEAR, and I had to promise myself that I would never let it take my power from me again.

My journey to courageous living was NOT easy, but, I did NOT quit on ME. I did not give up! I discovered I could transform my life by simply mustering up the courage to consistently #doitafraid


 God did not create you or I to live in Fear.  So…

* How long are you going to allow FEAR to be the CEO of your life?

* How long are you going to allow FEAR to call the shots and sabotage your success?

* How long are you going to allow FEAR to dim your light and steal your shine?

* How long are you going to allow FEAR to kill your dreams and derail your destiny?

* How long are you going to keep living a life full of fear?


It’s been said that we teach what we need to learn. I needed to learn how to BE courageous. That’s why I know you and I get you.


And why I LOVE teaching and empowering women on how to cultivate their courage, so that they can create the life they crave ~even if they have to #doitafraid

 find out more about the #doitafraid book here –


Shannon Muruli is the creator of School of Courage for Women. She has hosted courage based empowerment events in the United States and East Africa for Aspiring Women.

In addition, Shannon is the author of the #DOITAFRAID book and the Out Do The Old You Self-leadership Program for Aspiring Women Leaders. She was named by i10 Magazine as one of the Top 40 Under 40 EmergingLeaders in Dallas, Texas in 2015, featured in Bauce Magazine, Women Are Gamegchangers,, Sheila Lives Out Load (Nairobi, Kenya) and is a former Ambassador for the Dallas Entrepreneur Center.

She received training from Fowler International Academy for Professional Coaching, and obtained both a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and a Masters in Public Health (MPH) with Behavioral Science Courses from Florida A&M University.

Shannon is dedicated to helping aspiring women leaders become a greater more courageous version of themselves.

Besides having a passion for her purpose, being a health enthusiast, a lover of family, fashion, fun, books, good laughs and God…Shannon is a giver which is why after being diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune condition in 2010 she launched You Can Do Tough ™

The YOU CAN DO TOUGH ™ now known as the Courage Girl initiative is a private scholarship program to help provide a small capital injection to assist a woman who may be experiencing hard times financially because of her chronic autoimmune condition, but has not lost her ambition to start or progress in a particular profession or industry that she is passionate about.