A Courage Girl™




There Is An American Cosmetic Brand That Says, “Easy Breezy Beautiful…Cover Girl.”

But when it comes to a woman pursuing her destiny despite being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, Shannon Muruli says that woman represents a, “Committed Resilient Purpose Driven…Courage Girl.”

Here is why…

According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, Inc. and facts from the Office of Research on Women’s Health at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), autoimmunity is the underlying cause of more than 100 serious, chronic illnesses. It targets women 75 percent of the time.

And for many of the millions of women who are diagnosed, they may be left unable to work full time which could mean they’ll have little means or funds to start or keep pursuing their destiny.

Shannon understands firsthand how hard staying committed to your purpose can be when an autoimmune diagnosis shows up on a woman’s doorstep. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune chronic condition named mixed connective tissue disease in 2010.

But the power of ONE helped her cultivate the courage to pursue her destiny, anyway.

Dr. Mike Murdock said, “All You Need Is One Person To Believe In You” and Shannon says that his statement is not a theory.

It took her about a year to recover from her first autoimmune flare-up. That thing flipped her world all the way up. She was a 30 year old woman who went from being physically fit and very independent to being totally dependent on people, pills, and powerful tools to help her walk and move around. There were days the pain felt unbearable, the money was funny and the spark to persevere was dim.

However, there was ONE person, her husband.

He supported her. He pushed her. He kept the vision for her dream alive when all she could see was a freaking nightmare!

You may be thinking to yourself, that is what a husband is supposed to do.

Yeah, that’s true.

However, she didn’t see a person who did those things out of obligation. She saw a person…a selfless human being… give of himself… while she was at her lowest point.

His love and support helped her cultivate the courage to tell herself, “Shannon, You Are Resilient. You Can Do Tough!”

And she had to be tough because she had exhausted a lot of her savings to work with the best medical practitioners which slowly dwindled her destiny startup funds.

Oh, but the power of one!

It was a Tuesday, Shannon awoke to a check and a note stating, “This is not a hand out. This check represents a hand up to help you stay committed to your comeback and resilient about pursuing your destiny despite your diagnosis. You are a COURAGE GIRL! I believe in you. Love, Robert.”

That financial and mindset shifting empowerment helped Shannon replenish her savings and self belief. It was on that day she said, “I want to be that ONE person Dr. Murdock talked about and who her husband was to her.”

And that is why she birthed Courage Girl.

Courage Girl is a private scholarship in place to empower a woman financially and mentally to pursue her destiny despite an autoimmune diagnosis.

One woman will be selected to receive the scholarship and serve as an ambassador of what courage looks like. A new Courage Girl will be selected each year during the month of March which is National Autoimmune Awareness Month.

If you are a woman who aspires to keep leading in your industry despite your autoimmune diagnosis …apply for the Courage Girl scholarship. We ONLY accept 12 applications.

You must be a Courage In The City attendee. The application intake process ends March 22, 2018. Apply here


You are LOVED. You Can Do Tough. You are a Courage Girl™!

Much Love + Courage






P.S. Meet & learn how our previous recipient felt after being selected for the private scholarship here.