Courage In The City: Destiny Over Diagnosis


Women Pursuing Their Destiny Despite An Autoimmune Related Diagnosis

for women who aspire to live and lead with greater courage

Aspiring women entrepreneurs and industry leaders with an autoimmune diagnosis are invited to an evening of empowerment, education, and inspiration to choose a different path.Few talk about what it means to have an autoimmune diagnosis. It’s scary. It’s navigating medications, treatments, appointments, and a new medical world. Many aspiring women put their lives on hold to “get better,” only to realize that this is now their new normal.

Shannon Muruli, host of Courage In The CityTM experienced all of those changes and challenges, too, after being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition a few years ago. But with relentless courage and a deeper connection to destiny she reclaimed her health. She’s in REMISSION.

If Shannon Muruli’s status of remission makes you curious and hopeful meet her and featured guest speaker, LaShanna Leonard, to learn ways you can overcome your autoimmune-related fears.

What You Can Expect To Learn:
  • How to care for your mind and body with greater care and compassion.
  • How to replace the voice of defeat with the voice of destiny.
  • How to show up in all of your greatness when statistics say you’ll be shut down.
  • How to stay strong in the midst of an autoimmune related setback, storm or struggle.
  • How to connect what you’ve been through with where you’re going.
  • How To Lead with Greater Courage: Your Destiny Is Greater Than Your Diagnosis.
LaShanna Leonard, an inspirational wellness coach, will share advice for bridging the medical and holistic worlds. Her guidance brings harmony and balance to women’s lives, allowing them richness from the inside out



When: Thursday, March 29th
Time:  6 PM
Where: Aloft Hotel 6853 North Dallas Parkway, Plano, TX 75024 ​(
Registration Fee: $20 | Registration Includes Light Snacks & A Mini Massage Experience | Register HERE Today!



After you register you can apply to win the Courage GirlTM Autoimmune Kit. The CGAK will serve as a money & mindset resource, valued at $250 to assist an aspiring woman who may be experiencing financial strain because of her chronic autoimmune diagnosis. However, she has not lost her desire to live and lead with greater courage within her industry.



March is National Autoimmune Awareness Month + Women History Month in the United States. So Join Our Featured Partners & Other Aspiring Women Who Envision Themselves Cultivating The Courage To Make History Despite Their Autoimmune Diagnosis.

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