Courage In The City-The DOITAFRAID Dinner


Join Shannon Muruli & School of Courage for Women…

To kick off Courage In The City™ (CITC) starting with the reintroduction of The DOITAFRAID Dinner.

The DIA Dinners has happened in the USA and Africa we’ve had a blast. (click here to listen to what Sheila from #SheliaLivesOutLoud had to say about her attendance at #DOITAFRAID – Kenya)

Now we are believing bigger and better for the aspiring women who join us on Tuesday, 8/15. (click here to register)

We will celebrate aspiring women who had the courage to achieve a new goal and encourage other aspiring women who also want to achieve something new or take something they’ve already launched to a new level but silent struggles, setbacks and self-doubt hold them back from the WINS they want.

If you are the aspiring woman who is being held back “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!”

But now is the time for you to address what you are afraid of…

Stand Up To What’s Holding You Back By Showing Up To Courage In The City.

(click the image to see that you don’t have to do it afraid, alone)


In fact, we are greatly influenced by the people we spend time with so…

Come, dine, network and join the mix of like minded aspiring women similar to our community partner Joy Nyargem Founder of Afrostylicity (who has stated that attending the DOITAFRAID dinners/meetups helped her launch her business a year ago and believes it would do the same for other aspiring women) will propel you to partner with that most courageous version of yourself.

You’ll be around women who are achieving their goals (even if they had to #doitafraid) and will encourage you to do the same!

“You may be smart and have a desire to elevate, but if you are constantly surrounded by fear-based people in your life, it will eventually impact who you become and limit your progression in life.” -Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad (click here to register)




Additional Information About CITC:

  • attend if you want to cultivate the courage to launch something new or take something you’ve already launched to a new level ex. a business, book, career, idea, project, program, service, or initiative
  • aspiring women who are afraid of public speaking should definetly attend
  • there will be lots of courage based takeaways
  • each woman will be responsible for the cost of her dinner
  • bring a great attitude and wear what represents the most courageous version of yourself #courageouscuteness
  • there is no fee for this initial CITC dinner/mixer
  • seats will fill fast – 30 attendees Only – register today (click here)
  • additional questions should be directed to Shannon at