What It Means To Have Courage

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Shannon’s Courageous Conversation/Interview

With Mary Brodie From InPower Coaching


at 0-2:55 Mary Introduces Shannon
at 2:56 Mary Highlights Her Experiences At Shannon’s Courage Based Events
at 3:17 Mary asked Shannon—Tell Us How The Woman In Your #DOITAFRAID Book Went
From Shrinking Back To Cultivating The Courage To Lean In
at 8:10  Mary asked Shannon To Share Why She Wrote The “DO IT AFRAID” Book?
at 10:50 Mary asked Shannon To Share How Women Can Gain More Courage:
Stop Trying To Be Fearless & Change Your Story
at 17:17 Mary asked Shannon To Share Her Thoughts Around Why Women Know More But Do Less:
The Competence – Confidence Loop vs. The Courage – Confidence Loop


at 19:40 Mary asked Shannon To Give Advice To A Woman Who Wants To Change Her Career:
Women, Embracing A Fluid Career & The Lizard Brain 
at 24:00 Shannon Challenges Women To Use Their Courage To See Themselves Where They Want To Be & How They Want To Live
And The Permission To Make Their Dreams A Reality – Even If They Have To Do It Afraid
Thank You InPower Coaching!

Shannon Muruli is an Empowerment Speaker, Author of The #DOITAFRAID Audiobook and Creator of School of Courage™ for Women and other courage based courses and events for women. Shannon was named by i10 Magazine as one of the Top 40 Under 40 Emerging Leaders in Dallas, Texas in 2015 which means she understands the courage that is required to lead your life and to launch your dream. She thinks of it like her workouts, there must be consistency to build muscle. So, be sure to go to the bottom of this page to sign-up for your courageous resources to help you consistently build your courage.

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