Living A Life Of Courage Over Fear

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Shannon’s Courageous Conversation/Interview With InPower Coaches

Mary Brodie and Dana Theus 


at 1:27 Mary Introduces Shannon
at 2:45 Dana asked Shannon— What Inspired You To Focus On Courage?
at 5:00 Dana asked Shannon—Before You Recognized Your Fears, What Did It Feel Like?
at 8:20 Dana asked Shannon To Describe What “DO IT AFRAID” Means?
at 10:45 Shannon Reveals One Big Reason She Started School of Courage For Women.
at 13:45 Mary Describes Her Experience & Shift After Attending One of Shannon’s “DO IT AFRAID” Events.
at 17:19 Shannon Shares How Author Elizabeth Gilbert Helped Her Get A Courageous Breakthrough Regarding Creative Expression.
at 19:55 Dana asked Shannon — Is Fear Really The Root Cause of The Emotions Many Experience Like Anxiety or Resistance?
at 25:20 Dana asked Shannon — What Would You Recommend To A Woman Who Is Not Ready To “DO IT AFRAID”? How Would You Help Her Get There?
at 29:20 Correction—Shannon Does Not Go To The Gym Everyday. She Meant To Say: Building Muscle Is A Decision She Makes Everyday and Courage Requires That Same Kind of Mindset.

Shannon Muruli is an Empowerment Speaker, Author of The #DOITAFRAID Audiobook and Creator of School of Courage™ for Women and other courage based courses and events for women. Shannon was named by i10 Magazine as one of the Top 40 Under 40 Emerging Leaders in Dallas, Texas in 2015 which means she understands the courage that is required to lead your life and to launch your dream. She thinks of it like her workouts, there must be consistency to build muscle. So, be sure to go to the bottom of this page to sign-up for your courageous resources to help you consistently build your courage.

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