The Testimonials


Jessenia Arias about Fire Her“I never knew fear had such a hold on me. After completing the Fire Her Challenge my blog went from a diary to a platform used to educate adoptive parents, birth parents, foster parents, and mental health professional to understand the lives of children and teens that were abandoned, placed up for adoption, and abused. The Fire Her Community inspired me to fulfill the vision God placed in my heart for Push Pray Grind University and take it to the next level. We are currently pushing students and young adults to fire their fears and find their purpose on a global level through success coaching, conferences, workshops, and our online apparel store. None of this would have been possible without the Fire Her Challenge Shannon created.”

~Jessenia Arias, Founder of Push Pray & Grind



Melinda Bernice Powers

Learning how to Fire Her! has truly changed my life for the better and everyone I know that has been involved. If you’re considering working with Shannon, you’re on a great path. It’s time now to make the commitment to yourself to Fire Her! and be the best CEO of you that you can be!

~ Melinda B. Powers,
Business Owner , Fire Her Challenge Participant




The Fire Her Self-Leadership Strategies helped me look myself in the mirror and be honest about the bad habits I allowed to hold me back from the life and business I want.

~Jane Ward, Fire Her Group Coaching Challenge Participant








Had a coaching call with entrepreneur mentor, business owner, motivational speaker Shannon Rice-Muruli and I must say it was all I expected! This woman ministered to me in less than 2 minutes while presenting a workshop during the 2013 Women in Leadership symposium last month. Her obedience to the Spirit of God to do something out of the ordinary touched me in a way that I knew it was a “God thing.” That day I terminated the way fear was holding me back. I reached out to Shannon following the event and she received me. After our call, I know that I was in the right place at the right time! Some of us women have dreams that are like our babies. We protect these dreams, we are sensitive to them and we don’t let just anybody put their hands on them. However, we sometimes need someone to help us structure our “all over the place passion driven dreams” to make it happen. Shannon is called to do what she does, its who she is. I am excited and thankful for a God so thoughtful that He thought enough of me to bring up women like Shannon. I’m not afraid to say I need her.(LOL) Thank you Shannon. Thanks for your authenticity, love and support.

~Tiffany Adams, Shenergy-Jacksonville, Fla



Annick Tyler (color)Initially, I was hesitant about participating in Shannon’s Fire Her Challenge. I thought that it was good for others, but when it came to me I pondered “Whether or not the challenge was for messed up women.” Nevertheless, I resolved that the very best, elite women always invest personal growth. Shannon has helped me to identify the “small foxes” that have been hindering me from pursuing my goals with full force. She has challenged me to be committed to living through my pain and obstacles instead of allowing them to paralyze me. Every session has encompassed transparency, discernment, and motivation which has propelled me into the next chapter of my life! I fully endorse the Fire Her concept and believe that the ROI on Shannon’s coaching is transformation.

~Annick Tyler, ATyler Designs



I discovered the Fire Her Challenge on accident. Or at least I thought it was an accident.  The Fire Her Challenge gave me that extra push and encouragement to simply do it. I have always wanted to be an author.  I started my blog after my son was born to document my journey as a mother. But I never imagined that a year later I would be making notes for my first book. The Fire Her Challenge helped me turn my dream of being an author a reality.

Kelly Kitchens-Collins, Blogger at 





Donteacia Seymore (color)I did it, I did it! I didn’t hold back my words like I typically would. I spoke up in a city meeting that opened me and my business upto several amazing opportunities. My tenacity was inspired by my connection to Shannon’s Fire Her Group Coaching Challenge. I decided to put what I learned during the challenge into action. I terminated fear, doubt and excuses. Thank you, thank you, thank you Shannon for helping me Fire Her!

~Donteacia Seymore, The Seymore Group







Rebekah Scaduto-Fidelity


I always leave Shannon’s Fire Her events more in tune with my inner leader. This movement is remarkable.

~Rebekah Scaduto-Fidelity Investments