Courageous Public Speaking Coaching


  • Do you ever feel like something constricts you when you talk about what you do professionally?


  • Do you ever feel like something stops you from verbally expressing your thoughts or sharing your input?


  • Do you ever feel like no one will listen to what you have to say because it’s not good enough, so you say nothing?


  • Do you make up all kinds of excuses to back out of attending events or conferences where you may have to engage in small talk with others?


  • Have you ever canceled a job interview because of your public speaking anxiety?


  • Have you ever stuck around– to the very end of a networking event–but lacked the courage to walk over to introduce yourself?


  • Do you refrain from making introductory or follow-up calls, making videos, sharing your business card, asking for the sale, speaking up in a meeting or leading a group discussion? 


  • Do you have a hard time conducting a presentation in front of your peers?


  • Is your business or career stagnant because of your fear of public speaking?


  • Do you ever feel like being silent is the best way to protect yourself from the adrenaline rush you feel when all attention is on you while speaking publicly?


  • Do you struggle in silence with the fear of public speaking?

In fact…

I struggled in silence with Glossophobia

(aka the fear of public speaking)

for more than 20 years.

 Glossophobia Held Me Back Personally & Professionally Which Is Why I Created (Initially For Myself)

The Courageous Public Speaking Course For Aspiring Women 


The Courageous Public Speaking Coaching Program Opens March 2018.

Until Then, I’ve Created A Tool To Help You Take The First Step Towards Addressing Your Public Speaking Fear.

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Anna L.| DigitalGlam.Co| United Kingdom 

I love this course! This is something that will help so many women cultivate the courage to speak… even if they have to do it afraid. I feel this way because I’ve struggled with the fear of speaking in front of audiences (small and large) of people and on video. This has been going on since high school and now I can’t afford to avoid it because I’m an entrepreneur and I need to speak to grow my business. So glad Shannon created this course. I believe this course is going to help a lot of aspiring women speak not shrink. Well done.

Position Yourself  Like Other Women Who Are Ready To Stop Allowing Their Fear of Public Speaking To Hold Them Back, So That They Can Make a Bigger Impact Personally and Professionally.