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Speak With Courage You have a story to tell, an interview to show up for or a product to sell. No more allowing your public speaking fear to hold you back.

See Yourself Successful It is time to break your disempowering self-image and expose your brilliance and greatness even if some of those close to you chose not to see you that way.

*And That Is Just A Sample Of What You Can Expect To Achieve This Year And Beyond…




It gives me great pleasure to support a book that has spoke to my fears and called out the courage that lives inside of me. As the Author of 10 Things Every Woman Should Keep In Her Purse, I know a good book when I read one and Shannon’s practical teaching and transparency in this book will help you confront the things you are afraid of which may range from playing bigger to public speaking. In addition, it will address every thought that says you are not good enough, smart enough, tall enough, slim enough, or wealthy enough to go after the life that you are truly deserving of.

This is a riveting read that will shake up your fears and cause you to cultivate your courage and yes #DoItAfraid!

-Shani Curry St.Vil,  Personal Finance Expert at Purse Empowerment



adobephotoshopexpress_2016_12_18_16_40_52In life we often think about how big the circumstances are versus focusing on the triumph of overcoming them. At times, we must go through with unknowns and even possibly doing so while afraid. This transparent, thought provoking, self reflective book positions the reader to move past fears and pursue the path of life that God has intended. It’s a must read for those still living the conventional and mundane, knowing there is something more; even if they hadn’t tapped into what that something is.

-Shayla Nealy, Councilmember In Union City, GA | Engineer


 Testimonial From Joy A.
Founder of @Afrostylicity

I finished your awesome book, today. WOW! Your delivery was powerful. I love all the real life examples you used and most important your willingness to be completely transparent. I’m going to need everyone and their mama to read your book. It’s life changing for sure.




More Results You Can Achieve:


Power From Your Pain Stop hoping and wishing for hard times not to come your way. Learn how to use your pain as power to turn your dreams into reality.

Play Bigger   The life you crave won’t just happen. You’ve got to stop being a sideliner, get in the game and face what you fear.

*And That Is Just A Sample Of What You Can Expect To Achieve This Year  And Beyond…



a-colyThe introduction almost brought me to tears. If you’ve ever had a wish to pursue a dream and if you feel a constant nudge to go after “that thing,” which is so beyond your comfort zone…But you know God has hand-picked you to do it, then #Doitafraid is your handheld guide to propel you towards the path of courage and experience all that is waiting for you on the other side of your fears. Shannon has graduated from the school of courage by defying bravely the impostors of her journey. She is now sharing her “lessons learned” and how can anyone still experience doubts, insecurities, and feelings of inadequacy yet launch into the “deep unknown” while gaining the clarity to conquer it all.”

Abigaelle Coly, Glow Strategist | Radiance Scientist | Entrepreneur




a-okechThis is absolutely beautiful. It has  touched me in so many ways because just as I sat  down to read it, I was  feeling afraid about a business venture that I am looking to launch.  Funny thing is that I am not afraid anymore. The first chapter touched me to my core. My thoughts changed from thoughts of fear to thoughts of I can and I will. I know so many women will benefit from it. I envisioned you speaking in Kenya to a group of women who really need to embrace the #doitafraid mantra. Remain blessed and thank you for writing this book.

Jacky Atieno Ayegba-Okech,  Atieno’s African Treasure Chest | Fitness Enthusiast



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