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IMG_2235Why I Created School of Courage for Women (SOCFW)

A WOMAN who desires to live, speak, create, or unleash your unique gifts… yet you are afraid to completely expose and express yourself.
You have a powerful message but you’re afraid to take the stage. You know you deserve what you desire but you’re afraid to ask for it. You have a transformational product or service but you’re afraid to market it. You are a talented artist but you’re afraid to showcase your art. You have a brilliant business idea but you are afraid to launch it. You have a song in your heart but you’re afraid to step up to the microphone. You envision a beautiful future, but the shame of your past, makes you afraid to embrace it.
And the only thing that is setting me apart from you right now is that…
I stopped waiting to NOT FEEL afraid before I did the things I really needed to do.
I stopped waiting to NOT FEEL afraid before I said the things I really needed to say.
I stopped waiting to NOT FEEL afraid before I created the things I really needed to create.
I stopped waiting to NOT FEEL afraid before I expressed my passion the way I really needed to express my passion.
I stopped waiting to NOT FEEL afraid of my past mistakes before becoming who I need to become, now, for my future.
I stopped waiting to NOT FEEL afraid before I let go of the things I really needed to let go.
That’s It.
I Shannon Muruli, simply stopped waiting to NOT FEEL afraid, something I didn’t do for years, before making the decisions and taking the action I needed to take. Instead, I make the courageous decision to FEEL afraid (of criticism, being seen, putting myself and my work out there, playing bigger, looking stupid and not being understood) but live my best life, anyway.
And now, I am on a mission to help you do the same.
Because I believe that no matter what, you can cultivate the courage to out do the old you, who you’ve been, and live the way you’ve always envisioned yourself living.
So, let’s talk about courage for a second…
I think courage has a variety of faces and they are not confined to the traditional descriptions which involve some extraordinary act of bravery or life altering risk. I say that because most of us have not found ourselves in situations that have required us to lay down our lives to save another human being, fight in a war or battle, defeat goliath or respond to catastrophic circumstances. Consequently, because we haven’t done any of that, most of us mistakenly assume that we don’t have the courage we see in others. And that is so far from the truth.
What is true, is that the more courageous you are the more confident you’ll become. And, you are just as capable of as the women (or men) you admire. You just haven’t cultivated a strong relationship with your courage to believe that you can take action – even if that means you’ll need to #doitafraid.
Over time, I have realized that courage has little to do with big heroic acts and everything to do with the choices we make moment-to-moment, day-by-day and throughout the course of our lives. So, every time we women challenge ourselves and embrace our fears as an opportunity to out do who we’ve been, to pursue a dream, express our creativity or say no to what does not inspire us and yes to what does—we are acting with courage.
Going from a life based around fear to one of courage has made a remarkable change in my life. Do I still have struggles in my life that are related to fear? Absolutely! However, given that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather action in the presence of it, I became inspired to create a space to help women cultivate the courage to DO the things they’ve been to afraid to do, make the decision they’ve been to afraid to make and be the leader they’ve been to afraid to be.
Most importantly, this space is in place to help aspiring women form a new relationship with fear and courage.
But here’s the deal…
The more you connect with this courage based space you’re likely to encounter some inner conflict. This will happen because in essence– there is a fearful part of you I refer to as “HER”– and since you are cultivating the courage to take your power back from her–she will begin to feel neglected. Expect her to act out and throw tantrums that will appear as negative self talk. Her objective is to remind you that you have not accomplished anything substantial in the past. She may ridicule you for how silly you’re going to look when you decide to do something you’ve never done before, like she did when I was creating the #doitafraid book (but I did it anyway, HA!) Better yet, she may convince you not to even bother with anything that would help you become more courageous because none of it will work.
Now that you’re aware, don’t feed into her fear based bullying or negative non-sense, which has previously deterred you from moving in the direction of your dreams up until this point.
Take a stand and choose to be undefeated with one of your greatest weapons—your courage!
Big Courage + Big Love, Shannon Muruli




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